The Emptiness
The Murderer

(based on Chapter Four: My Thirst For Blood Turns Me On) "The Artist finally makes it into town and, at least for the time being, sheds the haunting voice of Annabel. He wanders past a tavern to the sounds of laughter and drunken piano playing and becomes uncontrollably enraged. If he is not allowed to be happy, then no one shall be. The Artist enters the tavern and bolts the door shut behind him, unbeknownst to the patrons inside. His thoughts are racing, his adrenaline is pumping, and he takes a drink to steady his nerves. He glances up from his glass only to find a blood-covered, screaming Annabel in the reflection of the mirror behind the bar. He finishes his drink, stands up, approaches the poor soul closest to him and utters five macabre words: 'Are you ready to die?'"


It is about time?
Oh yes it is, it really is!
Let's get this party started!
My hands are shaking...
Just take a drink, steady your nerves.
Let's get this party started! Are you ready to run?
I've been waiting patiently for this...
Are you ready to run?
I've been waiting patiently for this...
Are you ready to run?
I've been waiting patiently for this...
Are you ready to die?
Cause lately it seems I'm going insane! Please don't get up!
Oh no, you're fine right there!
Just don't mind me as I take you all in!
So drink 'em up, oh yes just slam 'em down!
Have one on me as I lock you all in!
My sweet little sheep your wolf has come... You should know I'm dangerous.
My thirst for blood turns me on...
How sweet... [ Lyrics from: ] Is this what we pictured the night that we said, "you're the one"?
I'm going crazy without you.
It's hard to believe but I'm having fun. Annabel, look what you've started! The knife slides down the tip of my tongue.
I'm finding pleasure in watching you writhe.
I lean in just to lick the sweat off your face.
I taste the reverence dripping down my throat. There is definitely something wrong!
Will they scream?
Will they cry?
Will they beg as they die or have to accept that this is the end? Are you ready to die?
Are you ready to die!
I'm so glad that all of you came! Looking in I see a lonely man etching tallies into the bar.
Looking on I see a desperate man repeating something to the floor. Oh how blood turns me on...
So sweet