is the second album released by christian metalcore band August Burns Red through Solid State Records, and their first with vocalist Jake Luhrs. It sold 9,000 copies in its first week on sale, and went on to sell over 80,000. A video for the song "Composure" was recorded and was released as a single on September 6, 2007. The second video from this album, for the song "Back Burner", premiered on Myspace Music on August 13, 2008. A vinyl copy of this record was also released with limited press numbers through the band's former label, CI Records.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "The Truth of a Liar"
  2. "Up Against the Ropes"
  3. "Back Burner"
  4. "The Blinding Light"
  5. "Composure"
  6. "Vital Signs"
  7. "The Eleventh Hour"
  8. "The Balance"
  9. "Black Sheep"
  10. "An American Dream"
  11. "Redemption"


  1. "Carol of the Bells"
  2. "Mosely"


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Music VideosEdit

August Burns Red - Composure

August Burns Red - Composure

August Burns Red - Composure

August Burns Red - Back Burner

August Burns Red - Back Burner