The Emptiness
Hymn for the Shameless

(based on Chapter Five: I Immerse Myself In Sick Reflection) "Following the massacre and armed with a complete lack of guilt, the Artist finds a sick pleasure in the deception of his ways. He begins to feel invincible. Relishing his victory and overcome by his own satisfaction, he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as he ponders his own insanity. The Artist fantasizes about Annabel's voice and questions whether her love could save him from what he's become. He snaps and curses all who thinks he will even consider stopping now."


Saw your eyes today in a memory painted in the sky.
You smiled and said to me, "a love like this can never truly die." So now the show's over and I've got to disguise the thing I've become.
I only wish I could stop laughing!
I grin because the joke is on them this time!
They don't have a clue. Calm consumes me. I immerse myself in sick reflection...
I shut my eyes and once again the pleasure strangles me.
I taste the tears of sweet indulgence, pain and fantasy.
Oh, the visions inside my head...
The emptiness will haunt you...
Sanity is slowly slipping from my hands now.
I'm standing closer to the edge than I should be allowed.
Oh, what little regret I have...
Does that make me a killer? I am the face of death standing right behind you.
Yet you're oblivious to my cold breath on your neck.
Is it just too easy?
Am I just too good at this?
I am the chosen one.
I am the end of all and now you are mine! Let's just say you're right and the nightmare ends, we wake up side by side.
What makes you think that I would let you live?
I've really lost my mind... Behold, for I am the will of the reaper!
Beg for the mercy of your worthless angels! As relief washed over me, calm consumes me.