Abandon All Ships EP
Abandon All Ships EP
is first release by Abandon All Ships. The EP was recorded and produced in Toronto, Canada, and released on July 15, 2009, officially in Canada. And on July 20 in the US.

The EP, being Abandon All Ship's first production, was criticized by many magazines in Canada and the US principally by their style, eurodance and metalcore. However, the first song "Pedestrians Is Another Word for Speedbump" and "Megawacko" along with the other songs were the basis for the band's full-length debut album, Geeving. They launched the EP in North America in July, and started to gain the attention of Underground Records and Rise Records after they appeared on disBAND performing songs from this release.[1]

The EP is the only physical release by the band to have member Martin Broda playing drums. He would later shift his position in the band to playing bass by the time of preparing for Geeving.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Pedestrians Is Another Word for Speedbump"
  2. "Shake Your AAS"
  3. "Megawacko"
  4. "Brendon's Song"
  5. "In Your Dreams Brah"


Abandon All Ships